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Very simple steps for lanching you website on internet.

١. Let we discuss

Get in touch with through phone call or whatsapp or skype or contact page in my site.

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2. Your project

Tell me about your project and every details will help me to make professional services for your business.

3. Study and analysis

I will study and analyze your project through your detail that you send and send back to you a file (work plan) that includes an explanation of the stages of building the project, technical specifications and software technologies that will be used, the implementation period of the project and the required cost which will be paid in installments.

4. Green light

After reviewing and approving the work plan file, the first payment of the required cost is transferred to our bank account, which is also shown in the work plan file, and work begins on your project as soon as I am notified of that.

5. effective communication

I will follow up the stages of work and present them to you step by step, starting from the design stage, then the coding stage, then the programming stage, and upon your approval of the work stage that is completed, work will start on the next stage, and so on until the completion of the complete project

6. Get Ready

After the complete the entire project in all stages of work, you will be subjected to testing and experimentation. You will also be trained on the project’s administrative system. After your final approval, the website will be published on the Internet - or applications will be published on the App Store and Google Play.

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